Clinical trials

Over the past few decades advances in medicine - including the development of many new medicines and therapies - have made it possible to deal with numerous diseases that until recently were incurable.

Over the past 20 years, scientists have discovered and developed more than 300 new drugs, vaccines and medical products, which have been placed on the market and enable more effective treatment of over 150 different diseases. This would not be possible without clinical trials.

Clinical trials are research programs on drugs, conducted involving patients, to determine whether a new form of therapy is safe and to what extent it is effective. They can also be used to check out new methods of preventing diseases. Thus they directly contribute to the advancement of medicine.

Clinical trials are carried out in accordance with strictly specified rules under the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) respecting the rights and guaranteeing the safety of patients - participants in the trials.

For more information on how and why clinical trials are conducted, which regulations they are subject to and which institutions supervise them in Poland – please visit the dedicated website

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