The value of innovation

There is a strong relationship between investment in health and healthcare, and the state of health of the society. Access to innovative treatment has a direct influence on improving the health of the society - it enables us to live longer and healthier.

The value of innovation

Wide access to modern pharmacotherapy leads in turn to a reduction in expenses associated with healthcare and national insurance. A healthy and competitive economy needs a healthy society.

In Poland, spending on innovative medicines is regarded as a cost for the system and a burden on public finances. Many innovative medicines are not placed on the list of reimbursed drugs making it inaccessible for Polish patients. Meanwhile, efficient treatment of patients with the use of modern therapies results in fewer complications and severe conditions which limit the NHF and national security spending in the future. Healthier patients not only generate lower costs for the healthcare system, but also are more productive at work. In turn, a higher level of public health translates into better economic performance. Healthier people work longer and more efficiently with greater motivation. In a healthier society, expenses which are incurred for treatment may be transferred to development purposes. Thus expenditure for raising the level of health is an investment in the Polish economy.

Poland has a negative natural growth (-0.5%). It means that there is a growing number of older people which will potentially result in higher public spending on healthcare. Ensuring general access to modern treatments can improve the health of seniors so that they are able to participate in social and professional life more actively.

The innovative pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in the development of an innovative economy - it is a leader in research and development. In Europe the innovative pharmaceutical companies spend 15.1% of their net revenues on this purpose. For comparison the second largest sector investing extensively in R&D is the IT Industry, spending 9.5%.

In addition to participation in enhancing innovation in the economy, by supporting participation of doctors in training and scientific events, innovative pharmaceutical companies contribute significantly to the development of medicine itself in Poland. These educational activities are dedicated not only to therapies based on drugs already being manufactured but also relate to the general professional skills of doctors and also provide the opportunity to gain the latest international medical knowledge.

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